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HI! We are Ladies of Nerdtown!

Hello Nerds! If you have made it this far then you are well on your way to the wondrous world of Nerdtown. We are Sammie, Jess and Sara -- three wittingly obsessed book nerds looking to share our love... (OBSESSION)... of everything bookish and fandom related with all of you. And this is our book review podcast! So join us on what is shaping up to be a grand adventure indeed!! 

Hi Sammie Here! 

Hi I'm Jess. 

What up my fellow Nerds, I am Sara! I have been a long time avid reader that is most likely my super power now. And I am a mom to an amazing 6 year old book nerd!


My daughter and my books are my life's greatest treasure and being able to be apart of this podcast is a dream come true. I mean who wouldn't want to read and talk about books all day? I mean come on!

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