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Hey Nerds!! Welcome to Nerdtown. We are very excited to join this awesome world of book reviews and podcasting. So we contemplated doing a Youtube channel but although we like books and we like talking, we don't like having to get pretty for the camera so much so we thought "well hell why not a podcast?" So here we are!

We will be starting out as book review club and we will have a theme every month where we will review 3 books that revolve around that theme. One book will be a new release - - to us a new release will be considered something released within 2-3 months, that way it gives us time to read and review and record - - We will also pick 2 accompanying books that we feel go with the new release and the theme of the book. Okay are you with us so far?


So one thing that we do need to mention ahead of time is that we have swearing issues... Its legit a problem... but a problem we do not intend to fix and often times we don't even realize we are swearing... so yeah, there's that! So we apologize in advance if you are easily offended, because it is not our intention to offend you. But this is how we talk and we can't change for no one. So if you are the type that is easily offended then this is probably not the podcast for you.

Alright... back to the format!

The first episode of every month will be an introduction of the theme of the month and introduce our books, and then we will go over the books we will be reading the following month... so you can read ahead with us that way you don't get any spoilers. Because trust us... THERE WILL BE SPOILERS... The last 3 episodes of the month will be our book review episodes. The first two will be our accompanying books and then the last episode of the month will be the new release book!!!

The one thing that you will come to realize about us is that we tend to go off on some ridiculous tangents and we occasionally will break out in song! Yes... we sing... not very well but we do it anyway!! We are Jane's of all trades around these parts and true examples of what a scattered brain sounds like out loud!

If you wish to know a little more about us individually visit our About Us page to get a little more insight. We really hope you like us.... and if you don't well Whateve... we like us so on with the show!

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